Connie Campbell

We have been with the resort since 2006 and look so forward to opening day . We enjoy the beautiful scenery and the serenity that the resort offers. We have met so many friends that we can almost call family.   A lot of wonderful memories . There are many things to do , swimming,  […]

Longtime Summer Resident

We have enjoyed being a resident of Sakatah Trail Resort for over 10 years.  It only took one visit for us to realize that SRT was the place for us.  What we first noticed about the resort was how clean and well maintained everything was.  The owners –Al and Carol DeKruif,  were so welcoming and […]

I love Sakatah Trail Resort

There isn’t enough space to write about all the things I love about Sakatah Trail Resort but here’s a start: I love that we have a quick one hour drive opposite of traffic to get to the lake each weekend I love counting down the days prior to each year’s opening weekend. I love that […]