I love Sakatah Trail Resort

by | Mar 7, 2013

There isn’t enough space to write about all the things I love about Sakatah Trail Resort but here’s a start:

    • I love that we have a quick one hour drive opposite of traffic to get to the lake each weekend
    • I love counting down the days prior to each year’s opening weekend.
    • I love that we get 26 weeks of enjoyment for less than the cost most people pay to go on a 1 week summer trip.
    • I love that we get to enjoy several seasons of weather
    • I love that Sakatah Trail Resort feels like a cozy little town
    • I love that there’s a mix of mobile homes and campers.
    • I love that everyone is a seasonal resident rather than a weekend camper
    • I love that we don’t have to pay extra if a friend comes to visit
    • I love how clean everyone keeps their yards
    • I love that if there’s a project to be done, people are willing to help
    • I love that there’s a safe place to go in the event of bad weather
    • I love the community feeling
    • I love that neighbors watch out and care for each other
    • I love the friends we made throughout the years
    • I love sitting around the campfire and making s’mores
    • I love feeling welcome at neighbors campfires too
    • I love that Skatah Trail Resort provides fire wood for our campfires
    • I love the memories that Sakatah Trail Resort has provided for our kids
    • I love how there are people of all ages at the resort
    • I love that Sakatah Trail Resort is the only access to the lake
    • I love that the lake isn’t weedy and has a sandy bottom
    • I love that we can catch fish in the lake
    • I love that Sakatah Trail Resort has paddle boats and canoes we can use
    • I love that the kids can be kids and enjoy the outdoors
    • I love that there’s a basketball court, sand volleyball, and horseshoes we can use.
    • I love that there’s a playground for the kids
    • I love that Al and Carol care about the safety of our kids
    • I love that there’s a quite time each night
    • I love how safe I feel while at the resort
    • I love that there are fun events for kids and adults throughout the season – kids crafts, bingo, carnival, picnic, movies, trick or treating, etc..
    • I love the annual 4th of July golf cart parade
    • I love that there are several areas where we can have an impromptu softball game, fly kites, practice golf, etc…
    • I love that we have access to a washer and dryer
    • I love the walking and biking trails
    • I love that no matter which way we go on the trail, we can get ice cream.
    • I love that there are a ton of geocache locations along the trails
    • I love that Sakatah Trail Resort is closely located between two towns that each have restaurants for when I don’t feel like cooking.
    • I love that we’re close enough to Mankato that we can do some shopping on a rainy day
    •  I love that the Al and Carol are so caring and welcoming to all the residents of Sakatah Trail Resort

We have been very blessed to call Sakatah Trail Resort our home away from home for over 10 years and look forward to being there for many more.

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